National Aerosol-Climate Interactions Program

January 9-10, 2002 (Entire Group) and January 11, 2002 (1/2 day for Steering Committee Meeting)
C4; SIO/UCSD, La Jolla, California

Working Group Meetings and Reports

Charge to Working Groups: Prioritize key research questions and approaches
(modeling, field, laboratory and satellite observations) to address the questions.

  • Working Group 1. What improvements are required in emissions inventories of aerosols and aerosol precursors?
    Carmichael (Chair, Chair's Report), Andreae, Lelieveld, Prather, M. (SC), Streets
    Rapporteur: (Rapporteur's Report)

  • Working Group 2. What key information is lacking regarding atmospheric aerosol processes, optical and hygroscopic properties,
    mixing, chemistry, and the direct effect? What research is required to provide this information?
    Clarke (Chair), Melville, Novakov, Prather, K., Schwartz (SC), Thiemens, Valero
    Rapporteurs: Guazzotti, Li
    Combined Chair's and Rapporteurs' Report

  • Working Group 3. What key information is lacking regarding aerosol/cloud interactions
    and the indirect effect? What research is required to provide this information?
    Kreidenweis (Chair, Chair's Report), Baker, Chuang, Heymsfield, Hobbs, Stevens, Seinfeld (SC), Toon
    Rapporteurs: Conant, Roberts (Rapporteurs' Report)

  • Working Group 4. What systematic observations are needed to reduce uncertainty in direct and indirect forcing?
    Russell (Chair, Chair's Report), Ackerman, Bates (SC), Charlson, Collins, Kahn,
    Kaufman (SC), Mishchenko, Nakajima, Ogren, Prospero, Ramanathan (SC), Rosenfeld
    Rapporteurs: Podgorny, Wilcox (Rapporteurs' Report)

  • Working Group 5. What is needed to evaluate and improve GCM calculations of aerosol forcing?
    Hansen (Chair, SC, Chair's Report), Del Genio, Jacob (SC), Krueger, Penner (SC), Ramaswamy, Somerville, Wielicki
    Rapporteurs: Alexander (Rapporteur's Report)

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